Supporting online material

Balancing selection and heterogeneity across the classical human leukocyte antigen loci: A meta-analytic review of 497 population studies

Owen D. Solberg, Steven J. Mack *, Alex K. Lancaster, Richard M. Single, Yingssu Tsai, Alicia Sanchez-Mazas, and Glenys Thomson
Hum Immunol (2008), doi: 10.1016/j.humimm.2008.05.001

* Corresponding author email (remove the numbers and punctuate appropriately): sjmack321 at chori321 dot org

Main Index

·       HLA allele frequency maps: A, C, B, DRB1, DQA1 and DQB1, DPA1 and DPB1.

·       Index of population datasets. This index includes:

o      The literature datasets. (With PyPop-formatted data files for download and links to PubMed.)

o      The datasets. (With PyPop-formatted data files.)

o      The 12th International Histocompatibility Workshop (IHW) datasets. (Listing only.  Data available from

o      The 13th IHW datasets.  (Listing only.  Data available from dbMHC at

·       Other miscellaneous files:

o      config-allelecount.ini
PyPop configuration file used in analysis (includes allele-name pre-processing and binning rules described in material and methods.) Updated, December 29, 2010; details included in the download.

The main PyPop output files for our analysis (consolidated for all three meta-datasets). Updated, December 29, 2010; details included in the download.

o – shell script used to plot allele frequency data. Requires The Generic Mapping Tools. (Data needs to be in this format.)

o      k-versus-ngametes.pdf – plot of number of alleles versus sample size for all population samples, by locus.